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  • Access Details - Here - ( West Mids ).. Hi, I have been a tgirl for many years now but lately I've been wanting more so thought I would join this site to see whats on offer. I absolutely love my trans life and looking for similar contacts or maybe the odd admirer if he/she/they came along but with admirers its more so about meeting the right person/s and perhaps we could start by chatting online first, if your the right person I will know pretty quickly. Although as I love to chat happy to meet up online with all and can chat about anything. I'm never shocked so ask anything you like. I'm not really into hairy guys and that definitely applies to other tgirls and will only meet with similar gorgeous, feminine tgirls! .. (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (Midlands) I'm a bit of a sensitive Asian transvestite thats here as I want more and know that I now need to start trusting others as I've been trying alone for many years and need more. Love to dress, and as I'm quite passable at night will often go out for a summer nights stroll and do love my summer tarty dresses that can be very daring but most of the time sensible as I don't like to make too much attention, under is always stockings, sexy little panties and heels. I'm only here for others similar so thank you to all the guys but its tvs only (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (West Midlands) I'm looking for some outdoor meets. I don't use dogging locations as they are too risky but I have some safe places where I will meet guys for O & A. If you like you can turn up and use me for sex then leave. I'll suck you off till you come or make you hard then bend over the bonnet till you've finished fucking me, just pull my mini skirt up, pull my knickers to one side then use me. Drop me a private message and I'll tell you were and when . (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (West Mids ) I love the the thrill of getting all fem and looking for others in the area thats local. Before you contact me I will only respond if you have a full profile with photos. I'm looking to experiment more with my submissive side and seeking dominant members either domme tvs or males that are interested in bondage, spanking, and will train me to serve. I would consider the right couples as well .. (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (West Midlands ).. Im knew to the site and being a tgirl. I've been dressing a little bit off and on for a few years but its only since i got my own place that I've been able to buy more and try out different looks. Whilst I do use make up I'm not happy with this look and will be heading out soon to get some make up tips from a dressing service I've heard about, or maybe a local member could offer some help? I've been bisexual since I was 15 so know how to please a man but right now just looking for other tgirls. I'm not out but that because of lack of confidence and I know with some friends and help I'll be ready to hit the clubs and have fun (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (Midlands ) Hi I'm a Spanish tgirl thats going to be working in Stoke for 2 yrs on a contact. I'm going to really miss my friends at home as locally the scene is very good with bars & clubs. I've been doing some looking around and it seems like the Midlands is a good fun place to be based at for a while and hoping to fin friends for nights out, drinks and fun. As you can see I write and speak very good English and happy to help you with Spanish if you like. No men please and only tgirls that are out as I don't want to stay in at the weekend (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (West Mid ) Totally knew to the scene and needing a lot of help from other tv/ts/cd. Im, slim, attractive with a feminine figure and very small build, I'm only 5'8". I'm bi curious but VERY shy and looking to meet with understanding and gentle members that will offer a helping hand in getting me started. I do have some outfits but I'm sure my dress style is going in the wrong direction as I just don't feel right when fully dressed. Only looking for similar so no males please . (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (West Midlands)Dominant tgirl looking for subs either males or sissies. I'm very experienced and enjoy the BDSM scene and often travel to Dam for some kinky fun in the fetish clubs. Im not looking at taking wannabe slaves on so you must be experienced and be able to prove your worthiness within your email to me, you will only have one chance get it right. I do have a play room with everything you'd expect. I love PVC, leather and abusing slaves within agreed limits. Update I have a male slave but would be keen to hear from a sissy CD as I have plans, so message me . (more)

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