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SammiTG - First cottaging ...shocking, but I liked it :- It was one of those lazy sunday afternoons at my parents’ house, I was heading North to see an old gurlfriend and as it was on route stopped over. I had an early start as I wanted to miss the traffic and I was just about to pull onto the motorway when nature called so pulled into a service station. I'm not normally that keen on public toilets but needs must and it (more)


Tgdebsnw - Work colleagues can surprise you :- It was a couple of years ago and I was doing some temp work in a local factory. I knew the owner and cleared it with him that I could come into work dressed femme and he was happy about this and didn't tell anyone else. I'd been working for a few days and this guy from another office was clearly interested in me and we got chatting and (being a guy) I could see just where this was leading to... (more)


ShytoniTG - Never too old for some slap and tickle :- I've been dressing on and off now for 60 years, yes I really am the oldest tgirl in town - But life in the old bedroom department was running a bit slow, in fact it had come to a stand still. So heading out I wanted to get something new to wear so headed into town and my favourite shops, not designer brands as my budgets won't go that far but I do love New Look and if I'm after something really classy then next... (more)

tanyasouth - two shags ...not two jags ;o) :- I met with another new contact last night, it was a couple from Hampshire and whilst I'd posted in my profile that I'd like to try a threesome it really was a bit of a throw away comment maybe just a fantasy....then I got this message where the husband was a tranny and out to his wife, not many of those going around being a divorced TV myself. So after a few... (more)
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