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The city of Southampton transvestite member base is vast!!
But with it being the largest city of Hampshire you'd expect that but maybe you didn't expect it to be quite so big!

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Having lived just down the road from Southampton, although before my involvement with the online personals scene, I do have a pretty good insight into the local clubs scene and I'm sure any Southampton transvestite or admirer will know of the city bars to head towards. But what if you want to meet up online?

Well, that's just where we come into play and to give you some idea I've posted this sample preview page offering sample and direct access into the local Southampton trannies and pics ;o) & just because this member has posted a great profile a feature below:.

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Southampton Shemale looking to meet Male admirers or other Tgirls / TS/TVs - Hi thanks for reading my profile I'm a Shemale in Southampton thats after some discreet fun meets with either male admirers or other "out" TS/TV/Tgirls local to me.

I'm a fun pre-op Transsexual that now lives life 247 as a female so dressing for me isn't a fetish or some turn on, its my life, although that doesn't mean to say I don't love dressing up sexy and having some fun... I do love my life as a female / shemale and will never go all the way for a change as I also enjoy the mystique of having something a little extra tucked away inside my knickers!!

I do have a RG partner but occasionally enjoy fun liaison with guys and similar tgirls as I do like being treated as a female in the bedroom as whilst toys are always on offer you can't beat the enjoyment of a real throbbing hard cock in my mouth or ass... I've have been messages from guys asking about threesomes...SORY nope this is just for me alone and you'll need a place for us to meet .. (more):

  • Access More - Here - (Southampton).. I'm a secret silk & satin pantie wearer ( see my pics ) and I get a huge amount of pleasure from wearing silk lingerie and especially pantyhose. I'm here to meet with other members that enjoy wearing fine lingerie, silk or just has a passion for undies. Im bisexual and versatile in the bedroom so can take on a active or passive role but my preference is passive(bottom). I'm also happy to explore and try out new things so if you tell me what turns you on maybe we can try something new out. I do have a interest in CP and BDSM so drop me a line, only thing I don't like is hairy bodies so please well trimmed / shaved. Im from Southampton area and (more)
  • Access More - Here - (Southampton) I'm a transwomen thats a male to female transsexual and I've been on my treatment for sometime although not fully a female yet. I had my boobs made bigger last year as whilst I was taking the pills they just weren't getting big enough so had some fillers put in and now have a healthy. I'm not looking to meeting other TS as I class myself as being straight so looking to meet with men only that will treat me as a female. My cock is small and better off ignored. We can either meet at mine, yours or happy just to meet for a drink (more)
  • Access More - Here - (Southampton) ...I'm a feminine passive tgirl thats here to meet with guys that enjoy dominating and controlling femme tgirls as I love being dominated and fully controlled / overpower me no matter how much i try and struggle and say no... I'm a very feminine weak tgirl in fact I'm very petite with little muscle mass and do have a female figure and love being around strong powerful males and love guys that work out with big strong muscles and you can force your hands up my skirt and into my little panties and do love it when a guy just puts his hand under my skirt no matter how much I struggle. I do feel very sexy when dressed and being a small build easily taken advantage of for what ever you want and get VERY turned (more)
  • Access More - Here - (Southampton) Slutty kinky T-girl thats been a member here for sometime and have made some pretty good contacts. My vitals are blue eyes, 6' tall 13st+ ( I'working on loose some of that ) and I'm convincing in attitude & looks. I'm not fully smooth but well trimmed in the right places). Im into my fifties almost most seem to think I look a lot younger than my years and I enjoy meeting up with others for all the kinds of reasons not just the naughty fun reasons but social as well. I have a good collection of outfits and can dress smart to sexy being someone's sex slave and if you have something you'd like to try why not drop me a message and suggest something but on the hold I'm rather a submissive tgirl and happy being controlled by others and made to do what you want ..I do find the BDSM scene a big turn on and have cuffs, spreaders, tables, frames and if you hit the right buttons pretty kinky too, so do suggest something dirty to me and . . (more)
  • Access More - Here - (Southampton) Im a slim, femme, totally smooth tgirl thats 5`10" tall, 42yrs old and whilst I'm still well in the closet I`ve not braved the outside world yet as Julie but maybe if I had some support from friends would consider it. Right now I mostly dress in private and love dressing in tight fitted outfits as it shows my figure and tight ass off well so its normally tight minis, heels, wig and makeup. I would love to meet other Tgirls and maybe couples for long sessions either mine or yours with lots of no holes barred sexy fun. I love oral, deep anal & rimming and more so . (more)

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