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The owners of this actual website ( do not collect or keep any personal information.

Any profiles on this website are purely fictional and are to show as examples the types of adverts that real members do post. No usernames are actual members and any similarities are coincidence.

We take your personal privacy seriously, and we do not give, share or sell, nor ever have in the past, given, shared or sold the email addresses of any users with any other organisation.

If you decide to become a member then you are becoming part of an online dating service operated by Hubpeople Ltd., who run and maintain the members website that your profile, photos and any other details will be held with and you will be liable to follow and accept their terms and conditions. Within the settings area on the site you can review and modify your privacy settings.

The photos posted on this are all current and REAL members as no fake images are used. As a member if you don't want your images displayed to none member you can block this within your profile settings

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