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With the vast amount of Nottinghamshire tgirls living in Nottingham meeting with members does become incredibly easy, although after checking out some of the local contacts it does seem to me pretty well spread right across this East Midlands county. So to give some idea we've placed this sample page where personals have been placed that are Nottinghamshire transvestites and looking for friendship, fun & of course SEX - enjoy the feature below:

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hello boyz and gurls I'm Debbie a Nottingham tgirl thats more than passable and love the local scene and here to meet with all members including couples & other tgirls for a bit of fun...

I live in Nottingham and I'm blonde ( but not dumb) blue eyes and I'm quite short even when wearing my killer highest heels.. I love nothing more than getting all dressed in my finniest and wearing nice girlie outfits (don't we all) and would say I have the girl next door / real look rather than too over the top, but that doesn't mean not sexy !!

I've been busy and been able to meet up but hopefully now I can start meeting up and getting back into the local Notts TV scene. I'm here to meet with gentle, caring and fun people that enjoy the company of tgirls and believe in putting the needs of others first and will treat me as a female rather than a chick with a dick..I do enjoy meeting with people that can offer respect and has a GSOH after all we all like to have a laugh. If your up for meeting then drop me a line, its why we all joined the site (more) :

  • Access More - Here - (Nottinghamshire) Hi I'm an experienced feminine tgirl thats single so meets at my place isn't a problem, although I do have a bit of a kink for outdoor meets as I'm more than passable and happy to meet up outdoors . I'm a sexy tgirl thats after some fun meets with all members and also other convincing tgirls ( please no knicker guys) As I said I do love sex outdoors either at Notts dogging sites, sex cinemas as I am a total exhibitionist and love to push the boundaries enjoying sex in public places. I'm happy to meet for daytime fun or nights just let me know . (more)
  • Access More - Here - (Nottinghamshire) I'm a sexy convincing tgirl / transsexual thats joined for some fun. Hi I'm Amy and I'm a buddhist tgirl (don't worry I'm very laid back) I used to be a transvestite although I'm now take hormones and looking to take my transformation a lot further so I class myself as being a transsexual. Since taking hormones it has changed my views on sex and the types of contacts and looking for all type's of meets but very keen to meet with another tgirl. I'm not just looking for sex as I'm after a relationship so no quickies. I'm shortly having breast enlargements as my breast are still quite small and would like bigger breast as whilst I have small breast now would like bigger ones ( don't we all) If you want to more now just send me a message so drop me a line and lets meet . (more)
  • Access More - Here - (Nottinghamshire) I'm a tall, slender leggy attractive tgirl thats seeking some fun playmates with other tgirls / Tvs . My name is Sarah-Jane, think you can guess where the Notts comes from lol.. I can be naughty but nice and do enjoy the BDSM scene being either a submissive tgirl or can switch and a domme and would love to hear from another tgirl so we can try out different things and I don't mind meeting with inexperienced tgirls as I'd love to pass on my knowledge through domination and fun. So any kindred spirits wanna meet? (more)
  • Access More - Here- (Nottinghamshire) I'm a mature Petite Tgirl thats looking for a genuine man or RG. Im a small, slim non smoking tgirl that dresses occasionally but always fully. . I looking to meet up with members that are preferably over 35 but you MUST be non smokers and be genuine and able to hold a good conversation. I cant accommodate but more than happy to travel within reasonable distance ideally Notts / East midlands max. I am looking to get to knowing members first by email as I won't meet up if I don't think theres any chemistry this I also finds gets ride of time wasters. Hopefully we'll get on and then can arrange to meet . I've posted some pics of me and assuming you have something to show me I'll be more than happy to exchange further images.. (more)

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