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You know the East Sussex Tgirl scene is going to be wall to babes and before you think it means all the fun is at Brighton .....trust me its not !

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When you think about East Sussex and tgirls just about everyone's thoughts goes to Brighton, and don't get me wrong the local scene there is massive and other than heading North probably the biggest selection of clubs and bars across the South, but don't be forget the other towns and even villages in this very sexy county ...Welcome to the East Sussex Trannies scene ..

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  • Access Details - Here - (East Sussex).. Hello guys and girls, I'm back to make some decent new friends, and if you remember me from before please drop me a message as I couldn't get my old user name. Im a hot genuine T-girl that doesn't like to waste time and I'm sure if you check my pics out you'll agree, if not then you won't be messaging me ;o).. I'm looking to meet with Mr Right for some fun, you'll need to be clean, decent, well groomed and if your in a suit then I'll be dragging you to the bedroom hehe. I'm out and enjoy doing more things and do go to tgirl clubs but tend to save that for when I'm meeting gurlfriends. I do like men to be men so please don't ask me if I'll fuck you, thats just not my thing as I'm the feminine one and like to be used as a female. I'm very loyal and have standards so do expect males to be a gentleman and I don't mind it your married as Im very very discreet and not looking to marry you, but do expect you to be honest, if your married tell me. Oh last I'm not after quickie one offs, but I'm not about to make you take me out for a month before you get your hands in my little panties but likewise I'm not going to jump into bed on the first date (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (East Sussex ) I'm looking to meet with a couple as i would love to try a threesome. If your a TV & Female couple I would be happy to drive any distance to meet up as this would be amazing. I have a smooth slim figure and versatile but ideally we could all just get onto the bed and have fun no matter who's doing what to who. I can accommodate or travel (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (East Sussex ) Hi, I'm 42, slim, smooth Tranny thats been in the closet for too long. I'm not fem but I want to explore my feminine side and here to meet up with other feminine tgirls / trannies. I've been dressing for years, mostly wearing panties but I could never take it further due to being married. Thats now changed and I'm able to explore and hopefully meet up with like minded people. I'm NOT MALE ADMIRERS or hairy panty wearers just other out gurls that fancy meeting up round mine and hopefully one day dragging me out . I've posted some picks, but I like to think I'm going to be an ongoing progress trying different looks till I get it right (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (East Sussex ).. I m after some NSA fun meeting with cd/tv/ts. i'm married and not out so do have to be very discreet and also I'm not as smooth as I would like to be but I have very fine hair that when wearing stockings doesn't show. I do a lot of travelling around the UK which means I often stay in hotels so maybe we could meet up sometime and if you drop me a line I can tell you were I'll be as I normally know a month at a time. I'm only looking for other trannies and those that dress fully for some fun in my hotel room. I love O & A so long as its safe (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (East Sussex).. I love sex outdoors and looking for local meets with male admirers. I do dress fully but keep me meets till after dark. If you know any safe Dogging locations message me and lets arrange to meet up. I've been told I offer the best blow job ever !!! want to try me out, just drop me a message and we can agree a place to meet. I'm not able to accommodate (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (East Sussex).. I'm here to find a male that wants a LTR with a full time TS. I've been full time for 5 years and have never looked back to me old days of being a male. I am pre op TS and whilst I've taken hormones to develop my breast better I'm not looking at GRS so will always be pre op. I find I prefer males that are straight but will meet bi guys so long as you understand I'm the female in the bedroom. I'm not just after a quickie meet either as I would like a partner someone to get to know and build trust and friendship with and that can't happen if your just after a quickie. I'm able to accommodate or travel and love eating out although keep it to just a couple times a month otherwise my figure won't last! When contacting me please have photos ready showing your face otherwise I won't respond ... (more)

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