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OK anyone up for some Tgirl dogging? Want to find current locations around the UK where tgirls & transvestites have sex in public places? Well in that case STOP looking as we can direct you straight towards local tgirls that enjoy the UK dogging and public sex scene. But first let me address one subject that maybe some of you have come here for - websites that display tgirl dogging locations

OK how safe do you think it is to post up locations so ANYONE can read, that means both police and the idiots that like to spoil out nocturnal activities? Exactly it's NOT safe and in fact most of these websites that post information are just posting up the same old locations that have been posted a million and one times and different sites, how current are they, will back in 1998 probably pretty current but now, lol yeah right!

So where do you track down the best Tgirl dogging sites? Easy, just ask the tgirls that are going out to these locations by joining and then looking inside the members section where we have thousands of contacts right across the UK that are either actively looking for meets and/or posting details of the locations they are currently using

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  • Live chatrooms
  • Member blogs
  • Searching for local contacts that are interest in dogging and send them a message
  • Post up your own profile

To give you some idea of the contacts posted below is direct & FREE access to all Tgirl contacts - once a member you then filter the results to only show Tgirls that want dogging and outdoor sex meets - and yes we have lots of members looking for outdoor meets!

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