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Lets face it anyone will tell you the Cheshire Tgirls scene is one of the most active across the North West and sitting bang between the West Midlands and Manchester

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You really couldn't ask to be living in a more active location - one thing I have to say is Welcome Tgirls from Cheshire and your many admirers!

Rather than me going on about how great the site is, which you'll soon find out about, how about some sample adverts from Cheshire Transvestites for you to enjoy..

Sample:- Cheshire/Macclesfield Tgirl
Hello boys, well girls,couples and other transvestites as well as I'm bi so happy to hear from all...I'm LisaVon a Tgirl from Cheshire thats here for LOTS of fun meets. I'm a Bi Tgirl and love nothing more than getting all naughty with others and I always dress the part making myself look as sexy as I can and so far I've not had anyone say they didn't like what they saw ( check my pics out ) and for me its always about the outfits, underwear & my look...sure you get the picture.


I love a bit of role playing fun with a bit of bondage thrown in for good measure and I can take on a submissive or dominant tgirl role and will be happy to dress as "Sir or Mistress" orders as this would be an amazing pleasure to please, or just order me as you please as I do find it a huge turn on being dominated and the control you have over me.


I'm happy to meet indoors or should you prefer maybe we could head to some Cheshire tgirl dogging sites for some fun outdoor sex ...When meeting up I always dress to please but have huge fetish for seamed stocking & suspenders and always make sure I show my legs off in my ultra short mini skirts... If you like I can also dress in Uniforms & costumes and have naughty tgirl nurse, slutty girl, French maid, pvc Mistress to horny english tranny tart, Infact tell me how you want me and I'll turn up ready to play and it would be a pleasure to serve. (more)


  • Access Details - Here - (Cheshire, Knutsford).. I'm a sexy, horny dominant Tgurl thats got great legs & a pretty attractive dresser thats more than happy to explore and ty new things with others as I'm bisexual and happy to meet with all members. I have lots of wild desires and tings I want to try with others including role playing sex, anal, and some other kinky things I'll tell you about when you contact me and have joined this site so that I can finally let myself go. I will only meet with guys when they are part of a couple, also hairy guys do nothing for me so smooth only please so get the wife to shave you. I do have a sex slave now but want more so if your serious about the BDSM scene drop me a line (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (Cheshire, Warrington).. I'm a horny CD in from Warrington, Cheshire thats 40 years old and wouldn't pass for going out during the daytime but fine for night meets, especially when coming up behind me. I'm average height, slim and dress fully and will please you any way you'd expect a female to .....and some more!! I joined this site to meet a dominant man that wants to have a secret little transvestite girlfriend that he can meet with for sex, maybe weekly? . (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (Cheshire, Knutsford).. I'm a transsexual (Pre-op TS) with 36D breasts and I'm a friendly person thats looking to meet up with nice guys as I do love to suck on a hard cock & giving long sexual massages. If you want to know more drop me a line but please don't just ask for a friends request without dropping me a line otherwise I'll just decline it . (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (Cheshire, Chester).. I'm a Wirral Based Tgirl tart thats after something a little more long term than just a quickie. I'm here for some safe adult fun meeting with males or other transvestites / crossdresser but it will have to be yours as I cannot accommodate. I'm quite tall at 6' without heels and probably a little bit on the larger side but with a good tight corset it moves around into the right places. I wouldn't consider myself to be a transvestites or transsexual and have no interests in becoming a female I just enjoy dressing as a female to the best of my ability and then having some fun. I am slightly submissive but that doesn't mean I want someone to spank me nor do I watersports and for me being submissive is about taking the female role and letting someone else lead and you make the first move. I do like to take me time with a lover and sex is about being tender rather than rough tgirl sex and look towards partners respecting me and I will offer similar. I will want to get to know you first so all first meets are for a social only. When I meet guys I always dress fully with, wig, make-up, heels and either normal outfits or I do have fetish wear with a large collection of PVC clothes and what can only be classed as huge collection of shoes as I do love my high heels or black patent courts. If you want to know anything more then please drop me a line (more)
  • Access Details - Here - (Cheshire, Chester).. Hi I've moved again and now living in Cheshire and after a bit of girlie fun and some fornication in the afternoon. I love dressing top to toe and dressing in nice outfits and high shoes (don't really do the tarty look) and here to meet up with similar minded "girls" that just fancy a drink & hot sex (more)

Now some of you eagle eyed admirers & other trannies will be thinking "that's only a few personals ads, that's a bit crap" - well try clicking ANY of the more links above and then say the same thing ;o) .....

If there is one thing Cheshire doesn't have a problem with its the lack of tgirls as there are thousands more across this region. Join now to be able to search to find all the Cheshire contacts......

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